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Ever seen a rugby game and been interested to play but worried about the contact?


Well Sports Monster has you covered as it is proud to start its very own Flag Rugby leagues and tournaments!


Run, pass, kick and score tries like a normal game of rugby but with the safety of flags for tackling.


This a non-contact form of the sport with a similar feel to Flag Football where all players wear belts with flags attached.


We are currently offering 7v7 coed teams and we are now open for registration!


Trained referees will officiate every game on natural grass fields and all the equipment is provided by Sports Monster! Just wear your cleats (no metal) and a uniform color shirt or jersey for your team, we got the rest!



Individual registrataion are welcome. We'll form a team for you!



Flag Rugby Leagues Include:


  • 7 weeks of Regular Season play + playoff Tournament.
  • 20 minute halves with a running clock.
  • Clock stops only for injuries.
  • Paid/trained referees for each game.
  • All belts, flags and game balls provided.
  • League Champion custom trophies or t-shirts.