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Esports Leagues Start Monday 5/25 -

Next Live Trivia - Tuesday (5/26)

As an American small business, we appreciate your continued support. We look forward to resuming league programming later this summer.

Spring Programming Update

Message from all of us at Sports Monster

To prioritize the safety of our players, our staff, and the families and loved ones of our players and staff, we have postponed the start of spring leagues until May and possibly June. Information posted online is up to date. All registered captains and individuals have been e-mailed and personally called with updated info.

As a small business we very much appreciate your support and understanding as we all go through this difficult time together.

Sports Monster is all about bringing people together and making and maintaining connections. We are currently putting together some options to provide you with some in-home opportunities to stay connected and involved. E-Sports is a good example.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as this website, for any updates or changes.

Until we get to see you again in-person in few weeks, we wish you and yours well. Stay optimistic. Wash those hands! And know that we very much appreciate YOU!

All the best from your Sports Monster Family/Staff

Annika, Bart, the Tres Matt's (Matt C, Matt V, Matt W), Rebecca, Roger and Zach


New Facility and League Partners Welcome!

New Facility and League Partners Welcome!

Join the Sports Monster Partnership

Our facility partners love us and so will YOU! Sports Monster has fostered successful partnerships with our facility hosts since 1994, and we welcome new hosts every season. 


If you manage a facility or park that is looking for a highly reliable organization to help you with either the operation of specific sport(s) or to help fill in open times, please contact us either by calling 314.395.5580 or e-mailing You will find us to be up front, organized and running good programs. Plus, we have a 20+ year track record of paying facilities on time and in full! 


If you are a league organizer and looking to get some help with your program, we would like to talk with you. Sports Monster has over 20 years experience with back office operations and support you may be looking for to help either assist, transition, or grow your program. Please contact us either by calling 314.395.5580 or e-mailing

Looking for a Team?

Looking for a Team?

We will get you playing

New to the area? Don't have enough to form a full team? Or is it just time to get a new set of friends? One of the hallmarks of Sports Monster is that we actively promote individuals to register for leagues as we create entirely new teams from scratch.


Most leagues don't welcome individuals or groups but Sports Monster does! You can sign up solo, with a friend, or as part of a group. We will get you playing 95% of the time. If we cannot get you onto a team, then you will receive a full refund.


There must be a catch, right? Okay, there is. Since you are not signing up as a full team, we require that you provide options of when and where work for you to play. From those options, we are able to place you 95% of the time. As long as you are flexible on when/where you can play, we will get you out on the fields or courts with a whole new group of potential lifelong friends. And if you really can only play on one day/sport/location, then try to rally a full team.


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Social Monster

Check out the NEW Social Monster!


We "officially" launched this new site on October 1st and now YOU can be one of the first to take a look around AND post your own events open to everyone or create private events that you send to only the people you want to invite.


Posting free open events is free of charge. There is a nominal fee to post a paid open event or to create a private event. But since we are starting out, how about FREE?


Just use special coupon code Newfun1 when prompted and you will be able to access all functions free of charge. Have fun and send us your feedback! We want to know what you think of the site as we get going.


Send questions and comments to:   Thanks and have fun!



Sports + Social = Fun!

Do you have a favorite post-game hangout spot? Does your team captain make you buy dinner at his or her favorite restaurant after a thrilling win or close loss? Don't you wish you weren't the only ones there to share stories about your replay-worthy performance?


If so, that's why we have Social Events!


Whether it's a watch party, season kickoff, post-tournament celebration or a little something special cooked up by our dedicated Staff Monsters, you'll never know what the next social happening will be!




Join us on Meetup

Looking to play one night now and then? No problem, we've got weekly pick up games as well. Join us for free on Meetup and search for your favorite sport. We've got a like-minded group of players ready to play... and party!