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Fall Football and Kickball ARE Playing!

Softball, Volleyball, Soccer and Hoops remain on hold for now.

Good protocols in place since June have resulted in ZERO reported infections to date from league play. No play means fewer mental, emotional and physical health options for you. Plus, the current shut down financially impacts our referees/umpires - the majority are people of color. Do you agree that you want to be active and healthy? Please contact STL County 314-615-5000 webmaster@stlouisco.com and demand access to healthy physical activity!
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Sports Monster Bubble Soccer

Sports Monster Bubble Soccer
Sports Monster Bubble Soccer

Bubble, Bubble, All Fun, No Troubles!


Born in Norway, Bubble Soccer has very quickly expanded and is now being played here in St. Louis! It’s full contact soccer at its best. The rules are simple. Stay alert, look all around you, and oh yeah…. SCORE GOALS!!!


In Bubble Soccer, the best part is the center dash kick offs after each goal scored in the game, and there’s no such thing as off sides! There really isn’t a official “goalie” so if there’s someone in your way – “BUMP” them!


Click on the link below to see all you need to know...




Want to play?

Bubble Soccer is available for occasional warm weather tournaments (check back if you do not see any below).


We welcome Family Picnics, Company Events or if you want to get your friends together. Call us for more info: 314.395.5580 or e-mail zach@sportsmonster.net